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     Plug In. Get In-Powered.                                   November 2013
Dear In-Powerer,
Our hearts are wide open and full of love after a transformational weekend with Outreach & Adventure Learning program participants (pictured above). Our team ventured to Galveston to lead a retreat for 15 incredible young adults committed to their sobriety and leading a powerful life! We flowed, laughed, cried, and even sang. A huge thank you to each and every participant, and our powerful team of assistants - each of you have inspired us to live an inspired life! 
This month we are full of opportunities to connect with us on and off the mat! Be sure to check out our schedule below for upcoming events and a really exciting collaboration with our partners at Big Yoga. We are endlessly grateful for you and your support. We have big dreams and plans for 2014 and can't wait to share what's next! 
With love,
Dan, Cristina,Roger & Your INP Team
      "Practice it Forward" Auto-Renew Memberships
In alignment with our commitment to connect, inspire, and empower those we serve, we are 
excited to announce a powerful collaboration with Big Yoga Houston.
big yoga logo 
"Practice it Forward" Auto-Renew Memberships empower Big Yoga's members to add an additional $1, $3, $5, or $10 contribution to their monthly auto-renew membership. Yogis' chosen denomination will go directly to In-Powered each month! This program goes live on Monday, November 25.
100% of the funds generated will be directed toward paying instructors serving through our various programs. Currently, In-Powered is enrolling teachers from Big Yoga and other local studios to teach and lead programs for the populations mentioned above.
Not a Big Yoga member? We are currently creating a similar membership program with YogaOne Houston, and will be expanding this opportunity to other yoga communities in the Houston area.
Interested in starting a micro-giving initiative at your studio?
Contact us HERE for more information.
Connecting School to Prison
We are tremendously honored to share that YES Prep - North Central School Director, Mr. Bryan Reed, and a YES Prep Student Ambassador will be visiting the Cleveland Correctional Unit to practice with the men from The Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP).
This experience is unique and symbolic because it will empower our Student Ambassador to share lessons from his prison yoga experience with his fellow classmates and teachers upon his "release". 
We are also excited to welcome Andrew Remy Levett-Prinsep (YogaOne); Nick Zogg and Mike Shultz (Big Yoga); Nick Wolny (Thrive); Larry Thraen (Joy Yoga); and, Brett Alt. 
THIS is how excited we are that you're a part of our In-Powered Community!
We challenge you to commit One Significant Act to inspire our mission. You can start by forwarding our newsletter, joining us at an event, and/or getting connected to volunteer with us!
 To use the wise words of co-founder, Roger, "We can only do this WITH YOU!"   
Connect and Contribute
One Significant Hug
In-Powered's model for change focuses on "local to global" service. To show 
their appreciation for Irene's powerful class at YES Prep North Central, students unleashed an In-Powered hug to share with The Africa Yoga Project and all of Kenya.
INP Director, Roger Rippy, 
Assists Baptiste Level 2 
While we were having a blast hosting Irene, Roger spent a week with Africa Yoga Project's founder, Paige Elenson. Our local to global vision keeps growing and we are tremendously grateful for our connections with Kenya.
Stay Tuned for In-Powered's upcoming mat2mat Channel 
Launch in December!

We Are Enormously Grateful 
This month has taught us to be enormously grateful for our loved ones, friends, partners, teachers, volunteers, and co-creators. 
We may not have the space within this newsletter to fully acknowledge every single individual who has supported our mission, and we would like to thank:
* Irene and The Africa Yoga Project for sharing their gifts and love with our students at YES Prep North Central. 
* Kayli Cross and all of our friends from Cornerstone Recovery for co-creating a powerful retreat experience with us. 
* Kate & Leslie Taylor for creating consistence and change for the clients at The Beacon. 
* Dana Sweet, Emily Trof, Belem Acosta, and Taryn Trostel for teaching leading powerfully at The Beacon.
* Nancy Sheridan Perry & Laura Calcaterra for empowering and rolling out In-Powered's first-ever "Micro-Giving" Program.
*Nick Zogg and Mike Schultz for teaching and leading powerfully with the men in the prison.
*To each and every one of our volunteers and supporters!
Thank you! You have filled our lives and our mission with unlimited purpose, happiness, and love. 
Empower In-Powered: A Donations Class at Yoga West
November 23, 2013 | 10:00 am  | Suggested Donation $15 
We are excited to collabroate with our new partners in Katy! Join In-Powered founders and teachers from Yoga West for a slower, mellow flow to kick-start the holiday season! We will also have tshirts for sale as another way for you to contribute to our mission.
Venue: Yoga West
23855 Cinco Ranch Blvd. 
Katy, TX
Thanksgiving Flow @ Big Yoga 
November 28, 2013 | 9:30 am 
This is Big Yoga's only class on Thanksgiving Day and an opportunity to give back! All proceeds from this class will go directly to In-Powered and another great, local organization,  
Peach Outreach.
big yoga logo  
In-Power to Empower: A Candle-lit Flow with Live Music
December 6, 2013 | 6:30-9pm
Join teachers Cristina Houston and Grace Kubecka for a powerful, fun, and community flow that will leave you feeling connected, inspired, and empowered; all accompanied to live music by In-Powered's own Dan Houston. Join us after class for wine and snacks (potluck style, so bring something to share!) to connect with others while supporting a local cause. If you can't make it to class at 6:30, join us at 8pm for mingling!
Venue: Awakened Yoga 
2230 Lone Star Dr. | Sugar Land, TX   

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." 


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